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New summary of bills from session related to child well-being

The 2023 North Dakota Legislative Session wrapped up at the end of April where policymakers introduced 932 bills. A handful of these bills impacted child and family well-being, including investments in school meals and child care, a commitment to best practices in the child welfare system, and the desire to study ongoing needs for juvenile justice and mental health.

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2023 KIDS COUNT Data Book

The 34th annual KIDS COUNT Data Book looks at child well-being in states and territories across the country. See how North Dakota stacks up in this new report.

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Updated County Data Available

These one page fact sheets for all 53 counties can be useful in the 2023 Legislature.

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New Policy Brief: American Indian Children Are Facing Racial Discrimination in the Classroom

In North Dakota, public schools disproportionately suspend and refer American Indian children to law enforcement. Despite the different suspension rates, research shows that Indigenous and white students display behavioral issues at roughly equal rates in school settings.

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Updated report on child care in North Dakota

Child care is a critical component of a modern and thriving economy. High-quality and affordable care is essential for parents to stay in the workforce. Businesses across all sectors need workers who have a safe and reliable place for their children during the day.

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Learn more about the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) in North Dakota

Check out our new report covering the policy basics of the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) in North Dakota, including state data on foster care by race.

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North Dakota KIDS COUNT is dedicated to improving the well-being of children in our state. When policy decisions are rooted in data and research, kids grow up in economically secure families, live in resilient communities, and meet developmental, health, and educational milestones.

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